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This Month's Digital Issue


6 Church Fundraising Ideas

Consider that local and community fundraising develops a deeper understanding of the mission of the church and helps to build important new relationships among its local residents.

Building & Funding: Hard Questions that Need Answers

Churches face the building and funding processes with many issues and questions that will directly affect both the type of building and the funding for it.

Playground Surfacing Options

If you are building a playground, you have most likely spent a significant amount of time and resources researching the playground equipment that is right for your patrons.

Steeples & Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is the traditional finish for crosses, weathervanes, domes, steeples, statuary, and finials.

Understanding Retro-Reflection in Ambient Light Rejecting Screens

How does an ambient light rejecting material actually reject an indirect light source and why should we love the concept?

Why Stadium Seating?

When it comes to the design for a modern day worship facility, the incorporation of stadium seating platforms has become a strong consideration for many.

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